The Benefits Of A Specialist Recruitment Service

MediCruit have a team of experienced consultants who possess specific industry knowledge of the dental sector By focussing our work solely in the dental profession we're able to find candidates with the right balance of attitude and experience so you spend less time interviewing and fill resource gaps faster.

Our Dental Consultants are regionalised and partnered with a resourcer, and so do not only have a detailed knowledge of the UK Dental Market on a national scale, but a comprehensive familiarity on a local level. Our consultants know which candidates are available in your area and how your position fares in comparison to others within the region. We can also advise you on how to promote your vacancy to attract the most suitable candidates.

Why choose MediCruit?
  • Specialist experience with over 20 years in recruitment for dental professionals
  • High quality consultants who know the dental sector
  • High profile brand awareness both online and off
  • Extended opening hours 8.00am - 9.00pm
  • Leading-edge website and job search facility
  • A comprehensive refund structure

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