Is your practice CQC compliant? More importantly, HOW do you know is it compliant?

Many practices initially assessed themselves as ‘compliant’ in all CQC outcomes, yet on an actual CQC inspection visit, would not be compliant due to a misinterpretation of the required outcomes.

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Addressing the issue of CQC compliance is critical – whether you are happy running your dental business for the foreseeable future or if you are considering a sale. For all Principals, without expert advice, the consequences can be severe, with the ultimate closure of your practice a real possibility. For anyone considering the sale of their dental business, the result of a CQC failure ranges from a reduction in the valuation of the goodwill or imposition of conditions to a total loss of sale.

Fortunately, it is possible to rectify any shortfall in compliance fairly easily and with minimal expense. MediCruit are committed to assisting principals with the issue of CQC compliancy in the most cost effective and efficient manner through our business relationship with experts who have a proven track record with the CQC.

With tailored  levels of assistance to suit your own circumstances and practice, the compliancy audit will provide you with peace of mind and enable you to continue to run your business with confidence.  In a sale situation, this audit will send a clear signal of competency and integrity to prospective buyers.

Services include:
Staff Training
Cross infection auditing
CQC Compliance Declaration
Ongoing assistance for future changes
Prioritised action plan
Policies & protocols
Patient satifaction surveys
"CQC - Let Us Help You"
Staff surveys
Patient record audits
Rapid and extensive CQC mapped GAP anaysis audit
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