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NHS Claiming Regulations

NHS Claiming Regulations

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NHS Claiming Regulations
NHS Claiming Regulations
NHS Claiming Regulations
The NHS claiming regulations are notoriously difficult to interpret. Misunderstanding of these regulations can have serious consequences, leading to risk of major financial losses and possible referral to the GDC.

This interactive one-day course will offer formal training to practitioners who are new to the NHS system and those who require an update on the current system (introduced in 2006).

Learning Objectives
  • Be familiar with the relevant NHS bodies administering and monitoring NHS dentistry
  • Understand the legislation behind NHS treatments and claims
  • Know how legalisation is enforced relating to NHS/private boundaries and submission of forms and data
  • Understand the key legal terminology and important definitions within NHS regulations and how these are interpreted
  • Understand the pitfalls and controls around NHS regulations
  • Know how dentists are monitored by use of data derived from FP17s
  • Understand the Dental Assurance Framework, ‘28 day’ investigations and the ‘Powys’ judgement
  • Recognise the importance of full and accurate clinical and up-to-date record keeping.


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