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Republic of Ireland Dental Market Welcomes MediEstates

Republic of Ireland Dental Market Welcomes MediEstates


Kimberley Parker, Business Manager for Henry Schein Financial Services, reveals huge growth potential for dental businesses in Republic of Ireland.


We are incredibly excited by the opportunity to bring our uniquely personalised services to customers in Republic of Ireland. The dental market is particularly strong, and this has been confirmed with the backing of four leading banks with specialties in healthcare-sector lending. Our work to secure the best terms at competitive rates can now benefit buyers in Republic of Ireland, whether they are investing in their first practice or they are experienced business owners.


Who we are

Henry Schein Financial Services works with MediEstates and established lenders to arrange finance loans for the purchase of dental practices, equipment and consumables. We work closely with lenders to ensure customers get the most competitive terms and the most suitable deals tailored to their needs. We understand that gathering information to help secure a loan takes time, which is why we set up our service over 10 years’ ago to support our customers, do the financial legwork and let them focus on what they need to. Our approach is based on consultation with customers and lenders throughout the process to provide a bespoke service alongside that of MediEstates’, the largest dental-practice broker in the UK. Our recent move into Republic of Ireland means we can now help even more people fulfil their business goals.


How we work

The first stage of our process involves discussion with our customer. We do some factfinding in order to compile a portfolio for presentation to our panel of lenders. Our focus is on tailoring our service to individual needs, so this is the most important part of our process. It is about getting to know the customer, their experience and their business goals and expectations. This is all reflected in the portfolio along with more detailed business and account information. If the customer is already with MediEstates, we can get much of the detailed information directly from their database, which saves even more time. It is never too early to contact MediEstates or Henry Schein Financial Services. Our customers range from new buyers looking for the perfect startup practice, to experienced business owners expanding their practice portfolios.


Once our customer has chosen the deal which best suits their needs, we put them in touch directly with the lender who will take them through the stages necessary to obtain an offer. We work together with our customers, lenders and solicitors right through to completion to ensure the whole process is as smooth as possible. We are currently working to secure the most competitive rates and loan-to-value percentages with our four new lenders in Republic of Ireland, so we can offer the same excellent services that we do in the UK.


Personalised service backed by a global support network

We pride ourselves in tailoring our services to customers. But customers can also benefit from the far-reaching support network of Henry Schein and MediEstates. We are unique in our ability to offer a fully comprehensive service – from arranging finance for the purchase of dental practices, equipment and consumables, setting up cloud-based dental software with Software of Excellence, right through to offering ongoing business advice to help customers maximise the value of their practices. Our work is grounded in fairness, collaboration and lasting working relationships. It is why we have so many loyal customers and hope to welcome many more in Republic of Ireland.

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